Serve Teams

Serving Our Church & Our Community

We are passionate about sharing the love of Jesus with others in practical ways. Through our various Serve Teams and Outreach ministries, our VCKC family is united in making a difference in the lives of people in our local and surrounding communities.

Let’s do ministry together.

Vineyard Youth Performing at Service

Vineyard Kids

At Vineyard Kids, we want children to know Jesus as their Savior and Friend and to consistently be learning how to follow Him more closely. Serving in Vineyard Kids Ministry is an opportunity for you to participate in the work of Jesus, who consistently modeled the value and importance of children in the Kingdom of God.


Serving opportunities for VCKC volunteers include:

  • Service Coordinators: Run the check-in process using our computer system. Troubleshoot any immediate needs that could potentially compromise the safety of our children or volunteers. Provide structure and support to all volunteers serving at their scheduled service. Serve as a point of contact for volunteers, parents, and the security team.
  • Area Team Leader: Provide leadership, develop community, and provide support for all volunteers within a specific classroom on a consistent basis, generally serving each weekend at the same service.
  • Lead Teacher: Serve two or more times a month during the same service to provide our families and children with consistency, a sense of belonging, and community.
  • Teacher Assistant: Serve two times per month at the same service with a specific age group. Follow the lead teacher in helping with classroom tasks and management when needed.
  • Welcome Team: Assist the service coordinator with checking in new families and current attendees. Provide support for the service coordinator throughout the hour as needed with room rosters, contacting a parent, etc.
  • Floater: Serve two times per month at the same service, anywhere there is a volunteer need within the kids ministry.
  • Worship Leader: Serve on Vineyard Kids Worship Team.
  • Tech Support: Assist in classrooms as needed to make sure all technological aspects of the program are working correctly.
  • Curriculum Editor: Edit curriculum documents and activities to ensure effective and fun implementation.
  • Weekly Classroom Set-Up: Organize classrooms and set up weekly curriculum and activities.
  • Organization: Help organize and catalog all the supplies used in kids ministry on a weekly basis.
  • Video Editor: Create service videos and miscellaneous video elements.
  • Kids Club (Awana) Leader: Lead a small group of children each Wednesday night during Kids Club (a commitment through the entirety of each school year). Assist them with their memory verses, activities, games, and more.
  • Events: Serve with the kids team for the many different events held throughout the year including Summer Camp, VBS, Easter, Christmas, and more.

    Vineyard Youth

    For Vineyard Church Kansas City Youth, our Mission is that we exist to make more and better disciples. Our vision is how we’re moving forward: To Love, Believe, and Fight for Youth.


    Serving opportunities include:

    • Group Leader: Attend Thursday night youth service. Prepare for service by looking over the questions for group time before the night of. Engage with students, and help build relationships.
    • Youth Helper: Be a set of eyes to watch for something out of the ordinary and keep our students safe. Engage with students. Keep students from wandering to parts of the building outside of youth rooms/spaces.
    • Prayer Team: Support VCKC Youth behind the scenes (prayer, letters, gifts, etc.).

    Serving opportunities include:

    • Group Leader: Attend Thursday night youth service. Prepare for service by looking over the questions for group time before the night of. Engage with students, and help build relationships.
    • Youth Helper: Be a set of eyes to watch for something out of the ordinary and keep our students safe. Engage with students. Keep students from wandering to parts of the building outside of youth rooms/spaces.
    • Prayer Team: Support VCKC Youth behind the scenes (prayer, letters, gifts, etc.).
    • Event Leader: Every month we meet to discuss events we plan for the youth. Help set up and tear down. Lead teams of people. Have all the answers, if someone has a question you will know it! Help with the flow of the night.

    Young Adults

    Link up and serve with us! It’s our vision at VCKC Young Adults to be “that ministry” with “those young people.” Young people that love, believe, and fight for people. We want to love like Jesus while believing in each other and fighting for others in hopes of becoming history-making disciples.


    Serving opportunities include:

    • Social Media: Capture content during our large monthly gatherings and small group outings for posting on Instagram and TikTok.
    • Administrative Volunteer: Meet with Pastor Rashaad weekly to discuss monthly events and outings. Help Coordinate events, lead communications, stuff event packets, and staff the front desk.
    • AV/Tech Volunteer: Work in the sound booth to mix audio during our monthly gathering. Manage media items such as operating the ProPresenter to display lyric slides, sermon notes, worship, and speaking notes.
    • Life Group Leader: Be on the front lines of leading a group. Life Group Leaders are passionate about caring for, loving, and discipling their peers. Our mission for young adults is to love like Jesus while believing in each other and fighting for others in hopes of becoming history-making disciples.
    • Event Volunteer: Fill in appropriate volunteer roles during hosted events.
    • Greeter: Be a welcoming face and peaceful presence to everyone who participates in VCKC Young Adults.
    • Hospitality: Provide refreshments for young adults during large monthly gatherings and special events.

      First Impressions

      The First Impressions Team carries the vision and DNA of VCKC during our weekend services and events. If you enjoy being the “face” of an organization, greeting and serving people with a cheerful attitude, and strive towards excellence, First Impressions is a perfect fit for you. Come help us visibly show God’s love and grace to those who attend VCKC.

      Serving opportunities include:

      • Greeters: Joyfully welcome visitors and church members as they enter the building, so they can feel needed and known by providing assistance, hugs, and high-fives where needed.
      • Ushers: Greet and assist visitors and church members in finding a seat once they enter the auditorium and provide immediate support for attendees as they experience God.
      • Parking Lot Team: Create a positive first impression of welcoming those who drive onto our church parking lot by waving, wearing a big smile, and providing logistical assistance where needed.
      • Coffee Shop: Cheerfully serve beverages and snacks to our visitors and church members to create a welcoming atmosphere.
      • Connect Area: Relationally connect with people, by helping them identify their next step in spiritual growth and community. The Connect Area is where “making more and better disciples” happens in real time.
      • Merch Store Cashier: The Merch Store serves as a vehicle to promote and sell church-branded clothing and merchandise to help promote the vision and mission of VCKC, while simultaneously fostering a deeper sense of community among our attendees. The Merch Store is only open during weekend services and various all-church events.


        The purpose of Groups is to create smaller environments where more and better disciples develop through authentic and transformative biblical community. Groups are dynamic atmospheres infused with intentional prayer, the study of God’s Word, community, and serving that leads to a deeper relationship with God and one another.


        Serving opportunities include:

        • Groups Leaders: Individuals on the frontlines who are passionate about caring, loving, and discipling people! Group Leaders embrace the Great Commission of “going and making disciples of all nations” by leading a Life Group and/or a class.

        Community Care

        Our Care Ministries help ensure that we have a healthy church congregation—mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.


        Serving opportunities include:

        • Freedom Class: For people who are called to walk others through significant inner healing
        • Celebrate Recovery: For people who want to help those who are struggling with addiction.
        • Prayer Teams: For people who have a passion for prayer, and who love to pray for others.
        • Marriage Mentoring: For couples who feel called to come alongside other couples in order to help them draw closer to each other and closer to God.
        • Healing the Wounded Heart: For those who want to help others understand different approaches to inner healing.

        Outreach & Compassion

        Throughout the year, we focus on various types of outreach and compassion initiatives where volunteers have the opportunity to serve and love the community around us.


        Serving opportunities include:

        • Special Events: Provide support for various seasonal opportunities as the hands and feet of Jesus to our neighboring community.
        • Harvesters: Load carts with food products and serve guests, at 7 a.m. on the 4th Saturday of every month.
        • Vineyard Food Pantry: We serve the needs of our local community by providing fresh food and hygiene products. We are open three days a week for our guests to visit.
        • Foster Care Ministry: Fostering a child is a huge undertaking so our Foster Care Ministry is creating wrap-around support for Foster and Kinship Foster families. We are developing several programs for this new ministry that will provide multiple volunteer opportunities.

        International Missions

        “It is the heart of our International Missions Team to fulfill the great commission as stated in Matthew 28:19-20: “Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you…”

        We accomplish this through short-term mission trips and church planting in countries around the world. We currently support ministries in Ecuador, Ethiopia, Moldova, and the Middle East.

        If you are interested in sharing the love and truth of Jesus through missions, we invite you to join us on the International Missions Team.

        Worship & Production

        We believe music is a gift from God, and we use it to glorify Him and invite His presence into our lives. Our worship is a grateful response for who God is, what He’s like, and what He’s done, and a faith-filled expectation for what He’s going to do. As we gather together, our desire is to be challenged by His Word and transformed by His presence.


        Serving opportunities include:

        • Stage Manager: Help assist musicians and tech/music directors in organizing stage props and instruments.
        • Hospitality: Provide refreshments for worship volunteers during rehearsals, weekend services, and special events.
        • Musicians: Worship team members are responsible for preparing selected songs prior to attending rehearsal. Service times vary depending on campus.
        • Media Tech: Manage media items for services. Operate ProPresenter to display lyric slides, sermon notes, etc.
        • Camera Operator: Capture video of services for viewing at campuses and online.
        • Audio Engineer: Work with the Worship Team to mix audio during services.
        • Worship Leader: Worship Leaders are responsible for planning worship sets, scheduling band members, directing rehearsals, and leading worship during weekend services and various other church events.
        • Video Director: Actively switch camera feeds to produce our online service, and stream to lobby TVs.
        • Live-Stream Moderator: Work with the tech team to host and moderate online discussions and participation in the live stream of our weekend services for the web and social media.
        • Kids Worship Motions Leader: Lead worship song motions during our Kids experience on Sunday mornings and other events. (Kids ministry training required)


        Our Communications Team manages and oversees the production of all church-wide communications at VCKC. This includes content creation for most every ministry area – including printed pieces for handouts, posters, signage, and banners – plus visual media for weekend services, website, and social media.


        Serving opportunities include:

        • Graphic Designer: Work with our communications team to design creative assets for use throughout the church.
        • Photographer: Shoot and edit photos of services and other events for use on social media and other projects.
        • Videographer: Work with our video team to plan and shoot videos such as announcement videos, ministry stories, and other projects.
        • Video Editor: Work with our video team to edit videos such as sermon videos, announcement videos, and other projects. Experience with Adobe Premiere is required (training is available).

          Administrative Support & Hospitality

          The Church is encompassed with consistent and various volunteer opportunities within the areas of administration and hospitality throughout the year with dependence on the needs of the Church at any given time. We strive for excellence in creating a comfortable, welcoming, clean, and safe environment for various people, classes, groups, and events.

          Administrative serving opportunities include:

          • Packet stuffing
          • Front Desk Receptionist
          • Copies
          • Shredding
          • Filling seat backs
          • Event-specific needs

          Hospitality serving opportunities include:

          • Registration: Welcome every guest who approaches the registration area and assist them as needed.
          • Refreshment set-up/clean-up: Consistently provide drinks and snacks in a neat, well-presented area and ensure that each is stocked appropriately. Maintain cleanliness and presentation of classroom area material distribution during class as needed.

          Facilities & Grounds

          Our Facilities and Grounds Team strives to provide a clean, beautiful, and safe place of worship. From our parking lot to our classrooms—and everywhere in between—our team works hard behind the scenes to make our facilities and grounds reflect a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone. “Company is coming” isn’t just an announcement, it’s a tone that we set for everyone who walks through our doors—a tone of service and hospitality. If you love to make safe, clean, and beautiful spaces, there is a place for you to serve at VCKC!

          Serving opportunities include:

          • General Maintenance: Whether it is setting up tables and chairs, emptying garbage, weeding flower beds, organizing closets, or cleaning toilets, we would love to have you on the team!
          • Emergency Response Team: The health and safety of our families are the highest of priorities for us at VCKC. We have an amazing team of medical and security personnel that work hard to serve our community during all our services and events here at the church.

          Lansing Prison Campus

          VCKC conducts weekly church services and bible classes at our remote campus located inside the Lansing Correctional Facility. Weekly services are held on Monday evenings, featuring a live worship band and prayer team, accompanied by a video recording of our most recent weekend sermon. This service is also broadcast into every cell block within the facility, and additional discipleship classes are offered throughout the week.