Explore exciting opportunities to join the Vineyard Church team and contribute to our mission of fostering spiritual growth and community. Check out our current job openings below and discover how you can be a part of making a positive impact in the lives of others.


The Graphic Designer will oversee and maintain the production of the graphics, logos, and collateral content. Collaboration with other team members may include creating additional content inclusive of videos, publications, and church website and to ensure that the service messages, initiatives, ministries, and special projects are being communicated accurately reflect and represent Vineyard Church.  

He or she will also oversee, maintain and manage the Church website – – as well as create and distribute the church’s weekly newsletter. Collaboration with other team members is a cornerstone of the position and will include Culling information from various departments in a timely manner, ensuring prompt posting and distribution against hard
deadlines. Translating that information into messages that clearly articulate service and teaching messages, initiatives, ministries, and special projects effectively reflecting and representing Vineyard Church are the key responsibilities of this position.


· Maintain, manage, and update ministry website on a weekly basis
· Maintain, manage, and distribute a weekly newsletter to the church’s members/subscribers
· Finalize all content for weekend services – prepare pre-service slides, sermon notes, and monthly graphics for events & services
· Create any new collateral content as needed
· Collaborate with the Director of Communications to craft consistent messaging
· Support pastors and admins to ensure appropriate communication and promotion of their respective ministires
· Coordinate efforts with church Planning Center Manager
· Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite with aptitute to embrace new technologies
· Skilled in the following: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Canva…
· Familiar with database management platforms, including MailChimp
· Extensive knowledge, skills, and expereince in HTML Webpages and WordPress (Divi)
· Creative, detail oriented, organized, and a good listening who can process feedback and criticism with a positive attitude and diplomacy
· Duties and position requirement and qualification are not limited to what has been listed above


As Videographer, your role revolves around crafting compelling narratives that inspire individuals to build a relationship with Jesus and boldly impact the world. Your primary responsibilities include producing, filming, and editing diverse storytelling-driven content for various platforms, collaborating closely with other creative teams to generate captivating video and motion graphics material. Possessing a discerning eye for effective visual storytelling, you remain attuned to current trends and methodologies, ideally incorporating motion graphics and animation. You are entrusted with elevating creative standards to surpass objectives through innovative video production.


· Elevate creative standards to surpass objectives through innovative video production.
· Conceptualize and develop creative videos from initial scripting and storyboarding to final video editing, encompassing motion graphics creation, sound editing, mixing, and formatting.
· Manage all aspects of production, including self-producing, lighting, shooting, and directing on video projects.
· Maintain and oversee production and post-production equipment.
· Organize media storage, manage raw materials, and archive final projects systematically.
· Demonstrate adept problem-solving skills under pressure, managing tight deadlines across multiple projects.
· Conduct quality control for all video projects and provide support to team members as required.
· Mentor and guide fellow team members and volunteers, sharing your expertise and knowledge.
· Capture events and gathering photography as needed.
· Flexibility to work weekends for filming/photography across various locations.
· Assist in creating slide animations for custom message graphics.


· Proven ability to independently produce high-quality creative content.
· Proficiency in the Adobe Creative Suite.
· Strong time management skills, capable of handling multiple priorities while delivering excellent results within tight deadlines.
· Curiosity, creativity, and a penchant for innovation.
· Eagerness to continually enhance skills and expertise.
· Proficiency in problem-solving and quick thinking in high-pressure situations.
· Excellent communication and organizational abilities.
· Possession of spiritual discernment and emotional intelligence.
· Comfort working autonomously and collaboratively within a team environment.
· Positive attitude coupled with a proactive problem-solving approach.


The Communications Ministry Coordinator is responsible to the church, under the direction of the Communications Director, for providing administrative assistance to the Communications Department staff.


· Provide administrative assistance to the Communications Director, and Graphic Designer, including: Calendar scheduling, provide requested documentation to vendors, and file and organize departmental documentation and paperwork
· Scheduling of Communications Team volunteers for weekly Sunday services
· Following up with potential and new Communications Team volunteers, including coordinating training sessions
· Duties including, but not limited to the above bulleted points.


· Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite with the aptitude/attitude to embrace new technologies
· Effective communication skills and creativity
· Must be both detail oriented and organized
· Ability to communicate effectively with others through various mediums
· Accurate listening skills coupled with the ability to verbalize effectively
· Able to process feedback and criticism with a positive attitude and diplomacy
· Able to prioritize and manage multiple projects simultaneously
· Able to remain focused and on-task in a highly creative and interactive environment


Vineyard Church Kansas City offers full and part-time positions for ministry, administration, communications, and more! Please send us your resume with your area of interest for careful consideration.